Based on the contextual clues, please supply the most appropriate words:

Gap-fill exercise

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1. Many people are not that their everyday behavior can lead to the development of different forms of cancer.

2. In the past, people did not lie in direct sunlight for long periods, and skin cancer was not as as it is now.

3. Although life in the city has its ,city dwellers have a much wider choice of activities that they can participate in.

4. A university campus offers a large variety of sports events and parties, and students can easily become from their studies.

5. The teaching at community colleges is often better than the teaching at a university. Professors at community colleges have the same as those at universities, and community college professors spend most of their time teaching instead of conducting research, as university professors have to do.

6. I should never have thrown the chain letter away. The letter warned me that if I did, I would have one day of bad luck. I didn’t believe it. I thought the friend who sent me the letter was just a fool.

7. As I rushed down the stairs to eat a quick breakfast, I over my cat and hurt my ankle.

8. Because of Brazil’s large size, its weather greatly from one area to another.
9. All countries in the world are . They are different from one another in location, size, culture, government, climate, and lifestyle.

10. Education is to every one’s future success.

11. While it is true that we all make sometimes, some of us do not have the courage to admit them because we might be punished for the errors.

12. Wearing school uniforms would help make students’ lives simpler since trying on after outfit can spend a lot of time.

13. People sometimes forget that school is a place to get an education, not to promote “fashion show.” Wearing uniforms would make all the students look the same regardless of their financial situation.

14. You hear a noise in the middle of the night. Quickly you reach under the bed. The weapon is in your hand, ready to fire. Bang! You shoot the before he or she can hurt you.

15. Many innocent people suffer and die from accidental shootings, so the United States would be much better off if guns were .